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Welcome to d'Mac

dMac Group.. is a multidisciplinary design practice works seamlessly weaving Exterior & Interior spaces, from large Architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details. We are a team of professionals engaged in the field of Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Engineering, Project Management and Structural Design. On time delivery and commitment to quality standards have been our main strength which is reflected in every project that we undertake. Understanding and achieving aesthetic goals of each client with sensitivity and imagination has facilitated our growth story.

The company was founded and continues to operate based on the principle of providing high quality professional consultancy services from the conception to completion throughout the design & construction process. The company is currently engaged in projects of various scales and typologies in multiple cities in South India inclusing Institution Buildings, Hospitality Buildings, Residential and Commercial Buildings, etc.

We always believe that research is the foundation for design and creation. Through re-search and analysis, we bring together dynamic spatial configuration and material experimentation distil the parameters of site, structure, project brief, client beliefs and resources. dMac is known for sensitive design, deep cultural influences, celebrating local materials and keen attention to details.

Our Philosophy

  • Our work is an expression of our beliefs.
  • We believe that originality is a by-product of integrity.
  • Unchartered paths excite us.
  • We react instinctively to a design problem.
  • Recording the life surrounding the area, as well as the quality of surrounding spaces.
  • We debate and argue galore. But at the end of a sore argument emerges a great idea.
  • Nothing surpasses that moment in a process when a beautiful idea is born.
  • Process in design is of paramount importance – even if it means we ended up exactly where we started.
  • We believe in strong ideas. Ideas that are native to their context.
  • We believe strongly in design as a process with an intensive dialogue. Using models, both physical and virtual, as tools for communication between clients, engineers and architects.
  • End product is the resultant of purpose, relevance and timeless aesthetics.
  • Varied options are given in the process, which created concern to the clients.
  • They automatically become unique!
  • We deem that being green means being receptive to the climate and materials with scientific approaches.
  • Technological and environmental friendly innovations are the corner stone’s of our guiding philosophy.
  • We believe that light is also a material.
  • We don’t hire people we can’t be friends with.
  • We remain centric to our clients and to the contractors we work with.
  •  We like to keep it simple.
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